Ice Breakers

About Soul for Thought:

It is imperative that you know a few things. First is, I am not looking to entertain the idea that this will become any more significant to the world than a speck of salt on a McDonald’s french fry. Second is I have an undeniable knack for being right even when I should go left; so hence, know that my opinions or experiences may not relate to you entirely in a sense that they are universal but they do resonate with being the most genuine form of myself and may, in turn, find someone of like kind. Soul for Thought is in a real sense just an average human’s public diary, with maybe a few educational pieces and artistic innuendos woven into the fabric of its existence.


About the Publisher:

Let me start by telling you: I have the slight tendency to be all over the place, yet somehow maintain an organized fashion about it. I could write an autobiography here but a close friend recently told me I have boundary issues and well she wasn’t wrong. You see, I am somewhat of any open book, that on the first date will essentially tell you every minor detail about my life and then wonder why the other party leaves in a cold sweat with a forced smile and a lame excuse of why we should just be friends. I guess some things should be on a “need-to-know” basis and this is a recent approach of mine to create an outlet for exercising that. To break down the barriers of communication and build up the walls of the right time and place. Soul for Thought is something I have created this so that any individuals may be welcomed to come on a journey with me of self-discovery. I suppose I’d like to keep some anonymity here so I keep the suspense for all that will be exposed through my posts. Cheers!